Project Scrum Master/Coach

You Have: An agile/Scrum project that is starting, under-way or in distress, or a waterfall project that is failing to deliver ROI.
You Need: An experienced Scrum Master/Coach to help ensure practices are followed and help the team deliver ROI.

How I Help:

  • Analysis of your current project situation, including facility and team requirements and agile readiness
  • Development of key planning artifacts, including charter, product vision statement and release plan
  • Active, hands-on coaching of Development Team and Product Owner/Manager throughout the product development lifecycle, including Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-Ups, Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives
  • Mentoring of entire Scrum Team on how to use Scrum to build productivity and recapture ROI for investors and business stakeholders


Scrum Team Training

You Have: A software development team (managers included) with little to no exposure to agile software delivery practices.
You Need: An experienced Scrum Master to provide instruction so the team is prepared to work on an agile software project.

How I Help:

  • Delivery of 2 or 3 day training sessions for 4-24 in the theory and fundamentals of the most popular and easy-to-learn agile framework, Scrum.
  • Instruction on the key Scrum roles, artifacts and events that comprise iterative/incremental software delivery.
  • How to write effective User Stories for capturing features.
  • Techniques for estimating and prioritizing the Product Backlog.
  • Practical, hands-on exercises and innovative games to reinforce core concepts.
  • Three Day Training Session attendees try a dry-run Sprint Planning session based on a real project in their organization.

Developer Training and Mentoring

You Have: Developers who are or will be working on an agile project, but have little to no exposure to agile software delivery practices.
You Need: An experienced developer who can provide instruction on fundamental best practices for working on an iterative/incremental project.*

How I Help:

  • Analysis of software developer skills through personal one-on-one interviews;
  • Delivery of 1-3 day training sessions in the fundamentals of agile software development techniques, including: Code Versioning, Test-First/Driven Development, Refactoring, Continuous Integration, Object Oriented Design Patterns.
  • Review of tools and practices for tracking agile software project artifacts.
  • May be combined with a 1-2 day Scrum Team Training session.

*: Currently only available for Microsoft .NET developers, preference for exposure to C#.

Product Owner/Manager Training and Mentoring

You Have: A new agile project starting up or under-way and a current or new Product Owner/Manager who will be assuming responsibility.
You Need: An experienced Scrum practitioner who can provide instruction and mentoring on the Product Owner role.

How I Help:

  • Analysis of current state of project and team and desired outcomes;
  • Delivery of 1-2 day training session on fundamentals of agile software delivery with Scrum with emphasis on the Product Owner/Manager role.
  • Covers how to get the most from the Development Team and provide effective leadership within an agile framework.
  • Ongoing mentoring over a pre-determined number of Sprints or iterations of a project.