Want to Kick-Start Agile Adoption in Your Team or Organization?
The Best Place to Start is with a Conversation...

Let Me Pitch Your Boss
(I'll bring the coffee...)

You have a problem: You understand the benefits of how working with an iterative/incremental agile framework like Scrum can increase your team's productivity and make your boss happy with real ROI, but you don't know how to get started.

Where do you begin? Should you go it alone or try to get buy-in from your managers? Is your team on-board or are they skeptical? What about QA? Should you invest in training, or just buy a book and wing it?

You want to get started, but on the right path. Why not contact me for a free, no-obligation session to Pitch Your Boss?

Adopting an agile process into an organization can be difficult, especially when all the interested players aren't aware of what it is, how they will use it and how it will impact their teams and business. With my Pitch Your Boss service, I come to your organization, bring some fresh-brewed Starbucks coffee and have a conversation with you, your boss and your team about what agile is (and is not) and how to begin a transformation that's right for you.

Pitch Your Boss sessions are typically 1-2 hours in length and designed to provide participants with a good understanding of agile software delivery practices, including the history, theory and values that support "agility", how they work to recapture ROI, and a brief primer on the most popular and easy-to-understand agile framework, Scrum. Along the way, I leave plenty of room for interactive conversations and to relate experiences from the field to make each session unique, fun and engaging.

You now have a solution:

Contact me today about how I can Pitch Your Boss and start conversations about leading agile transformations with your team and organization.


How Does a Pitch Your Boss Session Work?

Quite easily:

The first step to a good Pitch Your Boss (PYB) experience begins with a brief one hour conversation about you, your organization and team, challenges you're facing and motivations for adopting agile practices. 

We then discuss what outcomes you'd like to have from the PYB session and review a typical presentation for what you'd like to see included or emphasized. 

Finally, we talk about when you'd like to run your session, how long it should run (1-2h), how many people will attend and what facilities you have on-hand, eg. whiteboards, projectors, etc.

Based on the information provided during our consultation, we assemble a custom-tailored presentation for your PYB session, emphasizing the material that you want to underscore with your boss to make your pitch for adopting agile practices. 

We then call to do a quick review of the material and confirm the time and date for the PYB with you.

The big day!  We pick up the coffee and arrive early to set up the space you've selected for hosting the PYB.  We go over final details and prepare for the delivery, ensuring that we leave ample opportunity for questions and direct engagement of the attendees.

Finally, we conclude with a brief review to get your feedback on the session to see how well we've done.

That's it: No obligation - just a conversation to begin thinking about what moving toward agility means for you, your organization and your team.