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Christopher R. Chapman
Founder & Sr. Coach

Executive Summary:

  • Software development background (1999-2007)

  • Agile practitioner 2000-present

  • Enterprise Services Consultant with Microsoft Canada (2008-2010)

  • Pro Scrum Master (2010) - Ken Schwaber,

  • Pro Scrum Product Owner (2011) - Ken Schwaber, 

  • Agile and Lean Software Development Team Coach (2010-)

  • Leadership and Senior Management Team Coach (2011-)

I launched Derailleur Consulting upon leaving Microsoft Services Canada in 2010 to help guide customer teams through their transformations toward more agile software development practices with frameworks like Scrum and Kanban, later expanding my specializations to include working with their senior management and leadership to help them learn how to evolve their role to get the most out of their agile transformation.

I now work with leadership teams and their people who want to learn new philosophies and practices for improving their organizations with applied systems thinking based on the teachings of W.E. Deming, Russell Ackoff, Peter Scholtes, Eli Goldratt, Peter Senge, and others.

I am also the past founder of #SystemsThinkingTO, a monthly meetup in Toronto, Ontario dedicated to building a community of organizational systems thinking enthusiasts and practitioners.

As an aid for new and existing customers, I began publishing a semi-regular newsletter on Substack in July 2021 to help teach the fundamentals of the Deming management method called The Digestible Deming. This has proven quite popular and serves as an insight into how I think about organizations and how they are best led with a systems view.

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