What I Do: Fix ROI, One Team at a Time.

I help willing teams and organizations by coaching them through a transformation toward iterative/incremental delivery practices like Scrum so they can build real, working software every two weeks and restore ROI for their business and customers.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Despite your best efforts and intentions your software projects have become costly adventures that deliver late and with so-so quality. Your teams are stressed from overtime, your customers disappointed and your Return On Investment has left the building.

You're not alone - this is a common problem many teams and organizations face every day.

Overall, the risk exposure on typical software projects has been compared to betting the budget in Vegas - and with similar rates of return. Why? Because traditional software project management methodologies, roles and practices are more suited to building simple products rather than complex software solutions.

How I Help: Training, Coaching and Mentoring

"Going Agile" is more than just reading a few books and blog posts:  It requires time and persistence to master the "art of the possible" and become a strong, feared competitor in the market.

I provide a range of training, coaching and mentoring services designed to help your team and organization become familiar and productive with iterative/incremental practices, whether you are just starting out or need an experienced hand to assist with an ongoing project.  I work closely with you to understand your business and project needs to target the type of guidance required for a successful outcome.

My service offerings include:

  • Scrum Mastering (Coaching) of new or existing projects;
  • Scrum Team Training - new or refresher;
  • Product Owner/Manager Preparation
  • Developer Skills Upgrading
  • Agile Readiness Assessment/Diagnostics - for either new or existing agile projects
  • Planning and Preparation for Agile Project Transformations